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Professional Virus Сontrol for Windows 10

Not all antivirus scanners deserve full trust. Unfortunately, today, malware such as the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” can infiltrate computers under the guise of a curing utility.

We have compiled for you the TOP 3 most effective and reliable free anti-virus utilities that scan computer files in online mode. It is noteworthy that some products are not as famous as Avast or Avira. But from this no less famous.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

A free scanner utility created in the famous Kaspersky Lab to scan your computer for malware using heuristic analysis.

The main area: viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and adware, all types of rootkits and other similar malicious programs.


  • effectively detects harmful software, isolates, sends to quarantine;
  • It has an intuitive interface;
  • installs even in an infected environment, working in a safe mode;
  • has the choice of the automatic or manual cure for malware.
  • collects information about the system and creates scripts.

The utility is updated several times a day, for scanning it is necessary to download a new version each time.

AVZ Antiviral Toolkit

Free antivirus utility to combat hard-to-remove malware. Works in conjunction with other applications – AVZGuard: cleaning user-specified files, AVZPM: monitoring processes and drivers, BootCleaner: cleaning the system (services, registry keys, etc.).

The main direction: the identification and elimination of spyware and adware, as well as dialers, trojans, rootkits, network worms, and other malicious software.


  • Has a manager of processes, services, drivers;
  • analyzes open TCP / UDP ports;
  • detects keyloggers and trojan DLLs;
  • restores browser settings and other system parameters in case of damage by malware.

It works based on heuristic checking. It is necessary to download the latest database updates.


There is a free desktop utility (support was discontinued in 2017), but the web version is primarily interesting. Used to analyze suspicious files and URL links created based on heuristic analysis. The main direction: the detection of viruses, “worms”, “trojans” and all kinds of malware.


  • convenient and intuitive interactive interface: in the specified field of the program, just enter the URL link or specify the path to the file;
  • uses dozens of antivirus systems and has a huge range of antivirus engines;
  • constant updating of all anti-virus databases.

Upon completion of the scanning procedure, it sends suspicious files to antivirus manufacturers for analysis.

Final Word

Despite the abundance of various software tools that protect the computer from malware, it must be remembered that only the correct user actions guarantee safe operation. To maximally protect against unauthorized intrusion, you need to follow several simple rules:

  • Do not install applications that are not trustworthy;
  • Do not visit (well, or try not to visit) suspicious sites: for adults, as well as with free movies, essays, databases, etc .;
  • Do not insert your USB flash drive into an unchecked computer;
  • Do not open suspicious emails
  • install a good antivirus program to scan your computer in real-time;
  • periodically run the online scan procedure.

Caution, attentiveness and best antivirus for Windows 10 are the main aspects of protecting a PC or laptop from the invasion of computer “parasites”.

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