Gain your deal value with Data Rooms service

Today, a company’s long-term competitive success depends on its ability to create an innovative business process based on virtual technologies. 

Data Room software – an innovative solution for secure deals

In the conditions of rapid development of the business environment, each company is constantly in the process of finding new competitive advantages and innovations. According to world experience, the leadership in the fight is gained by a firm that responds more quickly to customer needs. One of the catalysts for innovation in information technology that automates the business processes of the enterprise. 

Management decisions are often made in conditions of lack of information and uncertainty of certain indicators of economic activity. It leads to inefficient economic activity, excessive costs, loss of profits, and, consequently, losses. To eliminate such shortcomings, increase the efficiency and accuracy of the information, there are Digital data rooms. Modern information systems are not only able to fully meet the requirements of production systems, but also act as an important prerequisite for their development. They improve connections between deal participants, remote departments, analyze business activities, monitor online.

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a secure online room where information is stored and shared during various business processes. The implementation of the protective functions of the Data Room is carried out by the following services for ensuring information security:

  • identification/authentication of IP users;
  • differentiation of access to objects and subjects of information exchange;
  • logging/audit of actions of legal users;
  • screening of information flows and resources;
  • tunneling of information streams;
  • encryption of information flows, critical information;
  • integrity control;
  • security control;
  • management of ISMS.

How does the Data Room help in selling a company?

Let’s look at some of the most common uses for VDR. You will be surprised how these online storage platforms can improve the way your company interacts with your customers and improve business relationships, regardless of your professional environment.

Comprehensive mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are one of the most popular uses of the VDR today. Is that the reason? In short, in Data Rooms, companies can complete transactions entirely online in these scenarios instead of meeting in-person to sign documents or view documents. Tons of confidential information is exchanged during a comprehensive audit. Therefore, all parties need to be sure that their assets and intellectual property are protected. Key stakeholders share very close documents and work with them. The software is used to simplify this process by simplifying tasks and automating processes.

A key aspect of selling a business is an integrated verification process that must be carried out by all buyers. All sales documents must be organized and easily accessible. All buyers should know that they can access the same sales information as other buyers and that no one benefits from “inside information”. For technology start-ups, in particular, acquiring a large company is a common business. Data Rooms for mergers and acquisitions offer many functions that make the merger of companies much easier. 

The Electronic Data Room offers all customers a single place to access sales receipts. With a secure website and a unique identifier and password (issued by the seller), any buyer can view the trade documents. The data room helps customers save time by storing different types of documents, formats, and versions in digital form and one place.

VDRs are much more secure than traditional physical data rooms, as all information transmitted can be encrypted and fully controlled using user authorization functions. In these online rooms, you can control who is viewing each file, and you can even protect against copying and pasting information into a document.


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