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Features Comparison of Total AV vs Avast

In case you are choosing between Total AV and Avast, it’s better to learn all about its features. This comparison will give you an insight into what to expect from these antivirus programs and possibly, help you make up your mind. Let’s go over the features comparison of TotalAV vs. Avast and define a better option

Features both antivirus solutions share

Regardless of the option you pick here, you are sure to get:

  • Several scanning options (a quick, a full, a USB scan);
  • Extra scans like registry startup, auto & manual, real-time, etc.;
  • Anti-malware tools;
  • Tools that protect from worms, rootkit, etc.;
  • Protection from phishing sites, Trojan, and other threats.

They also share other peculiarities. For instance, both Total AV and Avast have a money-back guarantee policy. They are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. Yet, Total AV takes it one step further and brings an app for iOS as well.

Avast and Total AV have very user-friendly interfaces. It is very easy to use and navigate the program. If you face any issues, you may contact the support teams via phone, email or ticket. Total AV also offers live chat help.

Additional features users will get with Avast

This company has a wide range of extras to offer to every user. A user may pick from four main bundles. The most expensive and complete version contains such extras as a personal firewall, a VPN, a safe browser, and a password manager. It seems there are plenty of features to secure your online browsing and protect your device from different online threats.

However, Avast also offers several optimization utilities such as a smartphone optimizer, Cleanup Premium, Software Updater, etc. It also stands out offering different modes like Do Not Disturb, Game Mode, Sandbox, etc.

Avast offers adware prevention, while Total AV doesn’t. It also has anti-spam and email protection tools. The software uses behavior shield to block suspicious activities before they bring trouble.  

Additional features users will get with Total AV

The company also has several different editions that contain such extras as a personal firewall, a VPN service, a safe browser, and other tools for online protection. Total AV also introduces the Tune-Up utility. This tool maintains the computer’s performance by removing junk, speeding up the PC, and optimizing it.

Total AV has Chat/IM protection, while Avast doesn’t. This antivirus has real-time protection as monitors the sites you visit and the downloads you complete. It implements the Safe Site feature to scan the search results you see and block suspicious sites.

Features both antivirus programs do not have

Unfortunately, neither software offers parental control features. So, when you are a parent and wish to filter the content your kids see when they go online, it’s better to focus on other antivirus solutions.

Final thoughts

It’s not enough to compare the selection of features. Before getting antivirus software, it’s important to learn other things. Get to know more about the interface and see if it’s convenient enough for you. Besides, independent testing labs will give you more objective information on the level of protection as well as an impact on system performance. Users should also compare pricing and other detail relevant to them.

However, if you compare only features, it seems to be a tie. Both antivirus solutions have a lot to offer. There are some unique features that set them apart. The choice depends on the user’s preferences now. Both companies offer advanced tools that protect devices from viruses, malware, and other kinds of threats. Total AV seems to offer a bit more but may greatly differ depending on what you are searching for.

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