Data Management: Why Is It Important? – The Role of Virtual Data Room Software

One of the main tasks of a data management system is to maintain its serializability, i.e. sequential execution according to a predetermined plan, which guarantees the fulfillment of the isolation property. Virtual data rooms, by their very nature, can be executed in parallel with respect to each other, and they can have internal parallelism at various stages, which can lead to conflicts in isolation and system consistency. Take a look at the role of virtual data room software below.

The Importance of Virtual Data Room Software

The focus of the data room is the mechanism in line with the goals of management, that is, streamlining the system should not be spontaneous, but permanent. The developed concept of enterprise development through a system of goals allows not only to manage organizational development but also to foresee the direction of development of its organizational management structure.

An investor, a legal entity or individual who purchases securities on its own behalf and at its own expense, has an important role in the system of data room services. In accordance with Russian legislation, not only domestic legal entities and individuals but also foreign ones can act as investors. Investors are divided into:

  • individual (individuals);
  • corporate (enterprises, organizations, institutions, etc.);
  • institutional (collective).

For the purpose of increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of audit organizations, an important factor is the growth of the number of clients and the organization of advertising activities for this purpose, taking into account the current restrictions on the methods of promoting audit services to the market. These aspects are not well covered in the scientific literature. The informational language is designed so that the user can request data from the system. By system means, the user request is converted into a formal request that the system can understand. The informational language can be based on a subset of the natural language that belongs to the server software. But more often the search for a document is carried out using templates.

Business Transactions as an Integral Part of Data Room Software

The field of transaction management in the online data room is well studied and strictly formalized, and therefore, since the early 90s, since the advent of software tools that automate the execution of business processes, repeated attempts have been made to map database transaction models to business transactions. An ordinary transaction in a DBMS is characterized by four classical properties called ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability): atomicity, consistency, isolation, duration (durability). Atomicity implies that a transaction must be performed completely, or not at all.

Consistency ensures that a transaction moves the system from one consistent state to another. Isolation properties mean that the results of a transaction are independent of other concurrently executing transactions, and those results will not be used by others until it completes. The longevity property specifies that changes made by a transaction cannot be lost. Traditional transactional systems, when performing distributed transactions for synchronization, most often use the so-called. two-phase commit protocol or its modification. 

During the first phase of the protocol, the participants make the necessary actions and blocks, and in the second phase, all changes are recorded. To guarantee consensus, a two-phase confirmation requires locks to be imposed on resources that can be read or modified, and these resources, depending on the type of locks, may become unavailable even for reading by other transactions and participants.

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