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Dark Web Browser

Dark web or deep web, as you may like to call it, is an unexplored web that is not visible on the normal World Wide Web, but does exist. If you want to get access to the dark web, you need to have access to a special dark web browser that can help you to find information and data on the dark web.

In this article, we will be looking at the best dark web browser that you can use to find useful data on the dark web. If you are worried about your identity then there is no need to worry, as your identity will be concealed and there will no tracking of your activities, as what you might do on a dark web.

  1. Tor

Tor is the first browser in the deep web browsing industry that offered the service to browse and access information on the dark web offering top-notch security and anonymity to the users. Although being hacked by the FBI in 2014, it is way ahead in terms of its features and security offering to the users over the dark web. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular dark web browsers out there in the market and is the first choice for most of them willing to access the dark web.

  1. Whonix

This dark web browser is built on the TOR software. Privacy and anonymity of the user are one of the main features of this web browser. It provides access to the content on the dark web through a distributed relay network that is powered by TOR.

TOR makes sure there is no DNS leak whatsoever. In addition to its functionality of accessing the dark web, Whonix is also a fully functional operating system that can run on a virtual machine when paired with TOR.

  1. I2P

Invisible Internet Project or I2P, as we say it, offers a range of feature and services alongside providing access to the dark web. In order to protect your identity on the web, it allows accessing the information through a layered data stream. It makes use of the TCP/IP data protocols to ensure and maintain your privacy on the internet, by encrypting all the data transmitted over the network.

  1. TAILS

The Amnesic Incognito Live System is just like any other web browser discussed above. It also makes use of the TOR network to provide a secure connection to the dark web. The security and privacy offered by this software program are quite efficient as it uses up to date technology for protecting user identity. It is one of the best dark web browsers that you can make use of to access information on the dark web.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of which dark web browser, you are using to access the pages on the dark web, you can be certain that your sensitive information is encrypted and secured over the network. All of these browsers know that your privacy is important and they do make it their first priority to ensure that they can maintain your anonymity. Choose that one that is suitable for you and access non-searchable information on the dark web, first hand.

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