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Best Hot Dog Sweaters Offer on Pet-Store – Review

In recent years, an increasing number of dog owners have been purchasing clothing for their pets during the cold season. Let’s try to understand it in our hot dog sweaters offers, is the dog need it or is it a whim of too caring owners, or even just a fad?

Do Dogs Need Sweaters?

Like most animals, dogs have a well-developed system of thermoregulation. That is, usually, the dog should not freeze while walking on the street. However, there are a few exceptions.

Many breeds of dogs were bred for living in countries with a warm and moderately warm climate.

If your four-legged friend is much larger and has a thick and long coat, then he will be able to walk quietly in the cold without any special consequences for the body, but a very short period. If you plan longer walks, your pet will have warm clothing in handy, that is, dogs of such decorative breeds as pugs, Chinese crested dogs, toy terriers, and chihuahuas simply can’t be at 20 or even 5-degree frost and do not catch a cold. Such animals must necessarily be insulated during walks.

Do not forget that our loyal friends live mainly in urban apartments.

This means that these dogs do not grow a thick undercoat, unlike their counterparts, who are constantly in the fresh air (for example, live in aviaries).

Therefore, they must be protected in every possible way from the cold, especially if it is combined with precipitation or a hurricane wind. It is very important to support puppies, sick or weakened dogs.

Types of Winter Clothes for Dogs

In the pet store, you can offer three main types of dog wardrobe – overalls, cufflinks, and cardigans.

Overalls can be attributed to the warmest clothes. They are ideally suited to animals of smooth-haired or decorative breeds since they are sewn in two layers: from windproof and waterproof fabric as the top layer, and warm fleece or bikes – as part of the inner one. For pets with short paws, you can look at models that have rubberized inserts on their stomachs.

If your dog is a very active creature and likes to run a lot, it would be better for her to get a blanket. In such a robe, the animal will be easier to move, because it will feel freer. Pay attention to the quality of the seams and the strength of the fasteners, because how durable the dog’s clothes will depend on their reliability.

Choosing a Dog Sweater

As with any other clothing, size plays a dominant role.

  • Pay attention to mating. Long hair does not mix well with coarse, getting between the cells, and your friend will not look very presentable.
  • As a material for sweaters, manufacturers usually use wool, cotton, acrylic, and polyester. Some models are complemented by a plush lining.
  • To choose the perfect sweater for your fourth friend, just take a few details into account:
  • Clothing should fit snugly to the body, but not restrict movement;
  • The sweater should be easy to put on and take off, fit the throat well and if provided, the legs;
  • The material should not create a doggie discomfort – do not prick, do not irritate the skin, be warm and soft;
  • If any accessories are present on the clothes in the form of bows, beads, pebbles, etc., they must be firmly fixed and should not interfere with the dog’s movements;
  • A pleasant aesthetic addition will be the original design and interesting color schemes or, possibly, a funny pattern that sets off your pet favorably.

Factory sweaters and raglans for dogs are usually universal, but on the shelves of pet stores, you can find models for boys and girls that take into account the anatomical structure of the animal.

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