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Today companies that have departed from the basics of individual marketing, and realized that as a result, the emphasis on meeting the needs of the consumer shifted to the struggle between competing companies began to actively use affiliate marketing. This article will consider the key ideas of marketing of partnerships, and digital tools for its management.

Basic principles of affiliate marketing?

In modern business conditions, the balance of interests of business partners for effective interaction implies the consistency of the motives of cooperation with the simultaneous analysis of the strength of the nature of the motives of partnership. This approach makes it possible to identify the dominant motives that guide the partners at the time of decision-making on cooperation.

The key ideas of the concept of relationship marketing, which provide an opportunity to raise questions about the strategic aspects of the organization of relationship management between business partners, are:

  • emphasis on long-term cooperation: the formation of relations takes into account the long-term perspective, rather than short-term benefits – as evidenced by the practice of one-time transactions;
  • mutually beneficial approach: given the long-term focus, cooperation is based on finding the best options for each of the partners in order to ensure long-term benefits;
  • creating value for each of the parties: the formation of relationships between business partners is impossible without their clear awareness of the value that can be obtained as a result of interaction with a partner;
  • the activity of each of the parties to the relationship to maintain and develop cooperation: both parties take an active position in establishing the best option for cooperation; the quality of the relationship and their longevity depend on how well each party manages the process of the relationship in the past and present, which is reflected in the indicators of trust of the partner;

Best alternatives of affiliate marketing software

When we talk about email marketing software in 2021, we are definitely talking about SaaS or similar offerings that work mostly in your browser. Companies and businesses use marketing software to promote their products and services through various web feeds, such as email, websites, and social networks, as well as to simplify and automate daily tasks.

Among the popular affiliate marketing programs are:

  • SendInBlue

It is an intuitive and powerful email marketing solution that was originally designed to send transaction-based emails. But now it offers both email and text messaging in one unique email platform.

  • HubSpot

It is CRM (customer relationship management system) software that simplifies inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is a comprehensive marketing package to convert your leads into customers with compelling content, social media, and the right customer engagement strategy. It is a must-have digital product for any type of business. Their CRM software is 100% free, but you can earn a commission by promoting their paid pricing plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • Exponea

It is a cloud-based marketing solution that offers a full range of customer service, personalization and engagement solutions to provide the best B2C relationships, increase revenue and maximize customer value. The system combines automation of analytics and interaction to improve customer service and experience with modern customer analysis, which allows for more accurate forecasts.

  • AWeber

AWeber offers a number of tools for small and medium-sized businesses to manage e-mail services. You can quickly get started on the platform by simply connecting to any content manager, ie WordPress. You also get access to multiple email design templates, management tools, and the ability to track your emails with detailed analytics.

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