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Anon VPN

The Virtual Private Network service offered by Anon (Anonymous), is amongst the new presented in the free Windows VPN market. Anon VPN aims to promote online anonymity and privacy of the users. It offers some of the amazing functionality that makes it an exceptional service experience for users to get access to restricted content all around the world.

If you are looking to get access to Anon VPN for accessing the internet, and have some unanswered questions, this article aims to help you make the decision, whether or not it is the perfect fit for your requirements. Let us look into more details.


It does not maintain any of your log data, meaning that there is no sharing of your information with any of the third parties. As it believes in the notion of Open Internet, it permits P2P torrenting. It has over 1500 servers that users can connect to in over 25 countries for easy access to geo-restricted content.

It makes use of 256 AES encryption that means all of your data is safe and secure over the network. And thanks to the GBIT network of Anon VPN, users can enjoy uninterrupted and seamless access to the internet.


As already stated, anon provides access to over 1500 servers spread over 25 countries. When the user gets connected to the servers on their VPN network, the IP address of your device will be hidden.

And since it is a new entrant in the VPN service offering, there is not much traffic on its network, meaning that users can get access to high-speed internet and can leverage good speed on most of its servers. Lesser the speed, higher will be the download and streaming rate for the user.


This particular VPN service has only one paid plans but is divided based on monthly, quarterly, Semi-annual and annual plans. The lowest plan, which is the monthly plan can be subscribed for as low as $2.99 and is certainly a good option for first time VPN service users. Whereas, the quarterly plan comes at $6.99, allowing the users to get access to VPN for 3 months of time.

These plans are suitable if you only want to access the VPN service for a limited period of time and not for an extended period.

However, if you are looking for the later, then the semi-annual and annual subscription can be a good bet for you. Depending upon your requirements you can select the plan that best suits your need and requirements. You can select the plan and get access to unlimited bandwidth, fast downloading and video streaming services.

On the flip side, it does not offer any free trial, meaning you will have to pay in order to try out the service. Though, the cancellation process is quite simple and easy. With over 38 different payment methods, you can pay through a variety of different debit and credit cards, along with wallets like PayPal and Skrill.

Wrapping Up

Ensure your anonymity by using the anon VPN and access the internet safely and securely with high internet speed and servers in over 25 countries.

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