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The use of mobile devices around the world is growing at a considerable rate every year and with that the fear of security and privacy among its users. A lot of your personal information including passwords, photos, credit card details, and sensitive information is stored on these devices and thus you want it to be completed protected from any kind of outsider treats.

With the growing using of mobile devices and accessing information on the web browser, we are constantly worrying if our data is protected on the browser we use, as it is the main source of accessing data on the internet. Aloha Browser has been chosen by tens of millions of people for safe browsing because it ensures your privacy and data security over the web.

  1. Doesn’t Track and Collect Data

Many popular web browser including Chrome, Safari collects your data on the browsing behavior and analysis it to interpret your browsing style. This analysis is then used by the big corporation for their targeted ads marketing and improve its product offering.

That is what we know, but we are not sure what else they do from the collected data. Aloha browser, on the other hand, does not collect your data or tracks the kind of websites you frequently visit or even track your location when on the go. Making it a great choice to ensure privacy and security on the web browser.

  1. Built-in Ad Block

Advertising networks are the biggest spy of your data and are continuously tracking which pages or websites you are visiting and the kind of banners interesting you. And to be honest this can be a scary experience. But with Aloha browser, you can a built-in ad blocker that will be able to block most of the unwanted ad networks and trackers, so they can store information on the kind of pages you visit while surfing on the net.

Another added advantage is that it will allow you to save a lot on your data plans and the websites will be able to load much faster than before.

  1. Protects Passwords

A lot of us, especially remote workers and students have the tendency to spend hours of our time in public places like cafes and shared working spaces, using public Wi-Fi. Doing so, a lot of your data can be collected by such Wi-Fi, which includes emails, social network password and so on.

With Aloha VPN service, all of the transmitted data is encrypted meaning there is no loss of data and passwords are protected end to end.

  1. No Email Requirement

When you are using any kind of VPN service, more often than not you will have to sign up, using your email id. However, in the case of Aloha VPN, you do not have to sign up at all and there are no log details saved on their servers.

Therefore, even the government wants to get access to your data, Aloha cannot provide it, as it is not there with them. It protects you completely and gets you total anonymity using their VPN service.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a web browser that protects your identity on the internet and provides total privacy, Aloha browser is worth considering and giving a try, offering a set of cool features as discussed above.

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